About the poems..

These poems range over nearly 51 years during which the river of family, business, travel, social and SW-London life, like the Thames, has just ‘kept rolling along’. They seem to be incidental to all of that, but they've expressed something necessary and seem to have slowly found their voice.

We all have at least a word, a phrase, a line of poetry in us. E.M.Forster described the Greek poet Kavaphis (Cavafy) as standing ‘at a slight angle to the universe’ – a man permanently attuned to the reverberations of history and geography. While for most of us, as T.S.Eliot reminds us, ‘there is only the unattended moment, the moment in and out of time … the wild thyme unseen, or the winter lightning’ – those fleeting and rare moments in response to which the poetic may arise within us.

‘Had none of them an ear for such reverberations?’ asks the house in ‘Mas de Provence’ – moments in place and time which wait to be evoked, which reflect the searching eye, which share intimacies and insights, which echo past voices and pursue inquiries arising from inner journeys.